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Tory Bernsen
Muhlenkamp & Bernsen, Attorneys at Law, LLC
Tory Bernsen
P.O. Box 220126
St. Louis, MO 63122
Phone: 314-462-0400
County: St. Louis
Region: St. Louis


Ms. Bernsen is a partner at Muhlenkamp & Bernsen, Attorneys at Law, LLC. She specializes in criminal defense, DWI, and appellate advocacy.

Mr. Muhlenkamp and Ms. Bernsen first began working together at a large criminal defense firm in St. Louis in 2008. They represented clients for several years on numerous matters, ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. During that time, they developed a trusted relationship, which enabled them to work well together and advocate effectively for their clients. Ms. Bernsen specialized in appellate advocacy until she left the firm and began working for the State of Missouri prosecuting administrative DWIs and representing the State on various driver license matters. Mr. Muhlenkamp remained at the firm and continued representing clients in state and federal trial courts.

In 2015, they decided to open their own firm, specializing in criminal defense and appellate practice. Based on their prior experiences in the field, Muhlenkamp & Bernsen’s founding principle is to encourage and foster a direct line of communication between the attorney and the client. The firm values success by the quality of representation, the positive results realized, and the attention to detail it provides to all clients as opposed to the number of files opened. Ms. Bernsen and Mr. Muhlenkamp possess “big firm” knowledge and experience while providing it in an individualized and compassionate “small firm” setting. They are open 24/7 and offer free consultations.

Areas of Practice:
Limited Driving Privileges
DUI /DWI Drugs
DUI / DWI Alcohol
Driver`s License Refusals
Driver`s License Loss
Domestic Violence
Criminal Appeals
Child Pornography

101 East High Street, Suite 200
P. O. Box 1543
Jefferson City, MO 65102


Email: info "at"
Phone: 573 636-2822
Fax: 573 636-9749

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